Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Maverick ISO testing.

Well, today I installed the Alpha 3+ (daily build) of Ubuntu Maverick.  It fixed quite a few minor issues and reviled a few others that are only noticeable during at all when doing a fresh install.  The main issue for me was the crappy partitioner dialogue.  I found that the option to install to the largest unallocated free space option was gone.  When I install a new version of Ubuntu, I generally use gParted from a LiveCD/USB and blow away the old install and swap partition.  Then I select to install to the unallocated space.  With the new Alpah3 however, I had to make and format my partitions with gParted, and this use the manual install option to put things where I wanted them. It all worked out okay but it's not the idea solution.

Next, I noticed that the nice little install slide show was not working as normal.  That sucked but it's not a show stopper.  It will turn-off new comers however if the issue isn't fixed before the final release.