Monday, April 17, 2017

Kitty Belle Died Yesterday

 So my precious kitty of about 7 years got sick 2 days ago. My wife called me while I was away and told me she couldn't stand or walk. I rushed home and found she was in bad shape. Nose was plugged, mouth was dry and tongue was brown. Dehydrated obviously. I cleaned her up, gave her fluids and she was breathing better but still past the point of no return.
I made her comfortable and he provided a few hours of loving purring, but later on she just stoped breathing. I know many will consider it silly or weak of me, but I cried. I loved her very much and she was a very loyal companion to me.
Today, I wrapped he in a very nice towel and buried her in the yard in a deep grave. I can't sleep, as I feel guilty about her death. I just wonder if something could have been done to save her.
My heart aches Belle, I love you and I'll think of you until I myself pass from this world. Goodbye my loving baby girl. I'll upload your pictured soon.