Wednesday, December 12, 2012

EdenPure Gen4 - Infrared Heater

So my gas furnace died today (the blower) and it's very cold outside. I was going to deal with the cold for a few days until I can get it repaired, but my wife wanted heat now. I called my mother (because she told me about EdenPure heaters) and asked her opinion about space heaters. She pointed me to Lowes and off I went.

The thing is quite expensive, but it started warming up the whole house within minutes. We've only had it on for a few hours, and everyone in the house loves this thing. Unlike a regular gas furnace which will cool down, then blast heavy hot air over and over again, this thing produces an even heating cycle. I have it set to medium range, and my whole house is 72ยบ throughout.

So the real test will be the electric bill. If this thing doesn't jack my electric bill through the roof, it will probably become my main source of heat. I may put off repairing the furnace until next season. I'll post back here and let you know how this works out.