Saturday, June 13, 2015

OS X 10.11 - El Capitan & trimforce

Recently I installed the newest version of OS X which is still in BETA, code named El Capitan (Here and after referred to as "Cappy").

Apple has introduced a new security feature called rootless. Rootless prevents unwanted root access and protects criticle system files. In it's protection, it also interferes with using tools such as Trim Enabler for us 3rd party SSD users. All is not lost however, Apple has provided us with the tools needed to easily activate Trim and still comply with Apple's intended security features.

Since I'm posting this information for my own use, I won't go into detail. Here's how it's done.

Credit for finding this goes to mikeboss & Daku93 on MacRumors

Procedure for Cappy - (Yosemite is pending)

1 - Boot into the recovery partition, and use the new Security Configuration menu tool to turn off rootless;

(Utilities > Security Configuration > Enforce System Integrity Protection)

2 - Reboot to desktop and open a terminal session

3 - Enter the command "sudo trimforce enable"

4 - Press the enter key and follow all the prompts, and agree to the terms

5 - Reboot into the recovery partition and turn rootless back on again

6 - Boot to the normal desktop and enjoy trim on all of your SSDs

Reportedly, the final release of Yosemite will also include this ability but to my knowledge it hasn't yet been included in the beta of 10.10.4