Sunday, October 21, 2018

Install Win10 BootCamp Drivers on MP51 / macOS Mojave (APFS) Dual Boot

So, as many Mac Pro users have learned, Mojave requires the boot drive file system to be formatted as APFS and the installer converts it to such (want it or not). If you try to force any variation of HFS+ for the Mojave boot drive, no updates will ever be possible on this drive through the Software Update mechanisms.

With the boot drive being APFS, when you boot to WIN10, you lose the ability to switch back to macOS because neither BootCamp (for MP51) nor Windows provides APFS drivers to make this possible.

Yesterday (I Think), Apple updated it’s BootCamp software for the iMac Pro, and now it regained this functionality for iMac Pro, APFS/Win10. It works again. Great!  Too bad Apple didn’t provide this update for MP51 drivers.

Well, let me fix that for you...  ;)

Below is a quick guide I put together that allows you to install BC 6.1 driver’s on an MP51/Win10 System. This should do the trick for you.

After Windows Legacy is installed;

  1. Install BC drivers for cMP 5,1
  2. Download and extract the exe file.
  3. Open CMD as Administrator & navigate to the folder with brigadier.exe
  4. Execute (from command line) brigadier.exe -m iMacPro1,1
  5. Wait for download to finish, this will be the BC6.1 drivers
  6. Navigate to the BootCamp/Drivers/Apple/
  7. Run the command msiexec /i bootcamp.msi
  8. Reboot when install is finished