Saturday, January 12, 2019

Microsoft is a Theif and their support staff helps them.

I can’t convey enough, my level of outrage and anger at Microsoft. Let me tell you how this organization rolls and trolls.

Several weeks ago, my Mac Pro 5,1 tower was victimized by a lightning strike to my house. It still booted and partially functioned so I didn’t repair it right away. However, about 2 months ago I purchased a replacement 2012 Apple Logic Board (motherboard to you PC guys), and corrected/flashed updated firmware. The machine performs perfectly as expected. I decided to upgrade the GPU and add an NVMe drive. All worked at great. The system is a joy to use...

Now, the problem with Microsoft...
Windows 10 Pro deactivated itself as it detected the new hardware. Microsoft deactivated itself too... In fact everything from Microsoft stopped working. No big deal I think, I can understand that. I just need to reactivate and call Microsoft to get this worked out.

Four weeks later...
None of my Microsoft products are working. I have several case numbers, and I’ve called several times asking for help. I was elevated to level 2 support, then elevated to level 3 support.

Microsoft called me a thief, and stated they wouldn’t activate any of my products. I have proof of purchase, valid product ID’s (they confirmed this), but in the end, I was told to re-purchase ALL of my products again.

Here’s the icing on the cake... Even my macOS versions of all my MS Office apps are deactivate and they won’t correct that either.

My wife works for a local university and needs MS Windows / Office for her job. I purchased all of my MS software online, directly from Microsoft, and they easily verified this, yet refuse to help me.

I was forced to buy another copy of Windows 10 and reinstall from scratch (windows would not allow even a forced product I’d change using powershell). Only a reinstall would work. So I now have Windows 10 activated (until they decide to screw me again).

Microsoft is unethical, dishonest, and a total ripoff. I can’t express in totality what I want to say and do. If you imagine the most extreme level of anger ever expressed in a modern movie, then you can imagine how angry I am.