Sunday, December 7, 2008

Intrepid Ibex Install & timekpr b5

Toady I had to rebuild one of the systems in my house. It was one that the kids use extensively so of course timekpr is normally installed on that system. I took the opportunity to upgrade that system to Intrepid Ibex after installing a new HDD, and wireless adapter. Enough of the small talk, here's the news.

    I downloaded and installed timekpr b5 and all was well. I then decided to add the Intrepid repository from Even's PPA and to my surprise there were updates for timekpr. I installed the updates and I now have b5+ installed on that system and it's working beautifully.

    I filed a bug report against timekpr today. I found that when you are logged in as an administrator or as an unrestricted user, the timekpr status keeper gives a countdown to log off (midnight). I feel like this shouldn't be the case for any unrestricted users. timekpr should simply report No Restrictions or some such phrase, so a new bug report was filed.

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