Sunday, December 13, 2009

Roxie is in the hospital.

Roxie is my number one Ferret.  She's really a HE as I recently found out.  Roxie has been very ill for the past month or so and It's tearing my heart out.  She was diagnosed with insulinoma (cancerous tumor on the pancreas) and a tumor on his adrenal gland. I took Roxie to the best veterinarian around and she removed the tumors from the pancreas, and removed 1 adrenal gland.  Then an implant (capsule with medication) was inserted between his shoulder blades to prevent any future tumors.

Everything was fine for a few days and Roxie seemed to be getting way better, then a couple of days ago she started sleeping all the time and didn't care to get out of her cage for play time anymore.  I sensed her blood sugar was low so I gave her some pancake syrup and after a few minutes he started acting normal.  20 minutes later however, he was weak and sleepy again.  Off to the vet I went.  The vet tested his sugar and reported it was 40.  Even worse than before the surgery. He had to stay and receive an I.V. with glucose and meds to coat his stomach.

The doctor said that he seems to have a stomach ulcer and perhaps he's not eating due to pain.  The lack of food intake could be the cause for the low sugar.  I hope this is the case.  it's also possible that the insulinoma is back but not likely according to the doctor.  I only hope and prey that Roxie is better tomorrow and the doctor tells me exactly how to care for him at home so that another trip to the hospital won't be needed.  Please pray for my Roxie... I love you Roxie...

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