Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Please Pray for my Dad...

I realize that probably no one will read this post, but I have to unload these thoughts.  My 73 year old father went into the hospital about a month ago for a lung surgery.  He was in reasonably good health and of sound mind when he went in.  The hospital stay was supposed to be 1 week.  Here it is a month later and he is still there with a multitude of problems.
  • His good lung keeps collapsing (pneumonia is suspected)
  • His heart rate is 150-200 beats per minute (medication to reduce isn't working)
  • His left foot has severe edema (blood clot is suspected)
  • He is confused to the point that he appears to have lost his mind. No one really knows why.
I ask that anyone reading this blog post pray for my Dad (Charles).  Please add him to your prayer list at your church.  My father is a great/kind man.  He has worked his entire life to take care of his family and did so very well.  My father only had a 8th grade education. He quit school to help provide for him family. He served honorably in the military (Army), and has always worked hard for us.  He was a truck driver for 40 years and married to my mother for 50 years this month.  He adopted his great-grandson (Jake, my sister's grandchild) and only wants to spend a few quality years with little Jake before his life is over.

I beg you to pray to whoever your deity is and ask that my dad be healed and returned home in reasonable health and sound mind.  Thank you all..



Judith said...

Your daddy has been in my prayers as has your entire family. I went through this in 1981, it is not easy. I pray that the Good Lord will heal your father. God be with you andgive you strength. Love to all, Judith

Bucknasty said...

Thanks Judith, your prayers are appreciated. I can always count on you. I hope God will hear and answer these prayers.


Anonymous said...

More people read these than you realize. Glad your dad is doing well, Charles.

Bucknasty said...

Thanks anonymous... I wouldn't think too many people would be interested in my mostly Ubutuish blog.