Thursday, March 1, 2012

Testing the iPhone Blogger App.

So I've got this new iPhone 4S that my wife bought to cheer me up. This thing is really cool, so I thought I'd give the blogger App a test drive. So far I like it, but the App needs some more work. It's usable but...... More later.

Okay so it's a little later now. The main gripe right now...? The screen won't flip when the phone is rotated. Also there seems to be no facility for font effects.


William Kay said...

Hi Bucknasty , how is your Phone test going?

William Kay said...

My wife got annoyed when I started playing iPhone casino apps so I couldn’t imagine her buying me a new phone like yours did! :D

Bucknasty said...

The app isn't that great, but for hardcore bloggers on the go it's okay once you get used to it. As for the iPhone 4S ... It's the best cell phone I've ever owned. I'll never go back. In fact, I've since purchased an iPad 3 and loving it too. I almost never pick up my laptop, or boot my desk top now.

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