Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ubuntu 12.10 = Fail x 4

So it's been a while since I posted about Ubuntu and it's progress.  Last week I decided to build my aging mother a desktop system.  My father passed away last year and now she has to do all the banking errands.  I don't like it that she is blind in one eye and driving on busy roads populated with hot-headed jerks and maniacs, she is constantly driving to the bank for cash, and then to the vendors where she pays her bills (really old fashioned).  A tablet didn't work out for her because of screen size, and the cheap Android tablet had very poor performance because her banking site uses a lot of FLASH and JAVA.

Enter Ubuntu 12.10 - System finished and it wouldn't install.  I had never seen ANY version of Ubuntu having so much trouble with the install, and I've been doing this since their first release.  Well I figured it was a hardware problem, and everything seemed to indicate it was either the HD or the HD controller.  After a couple of drives and controllers giving me the same problems, I tried it on 4 very differently configured machines (well working systems) and got the same result.

For me Ubuntu 12.10 was an epic fail.  that said 12.04 works perfectly with every machine I have, and works better than any previously installed Linux versions (Mostly Ubuntu).  Mom's system will be delivered to her house next month when I can take a week to travel, set it all up and train her to use it.  This will be her first rodeo with a computer.  We're both excited...

Unity - I've hated the Unity plugin since day one and I've stopped upgrading my systems because of it.  Well, that has all changed now.  Unity has matured and works well on all my systems with 12.04.

Ubuntu 12.04 = Epic Win x 4 (home run here for me) - There won't be anymore Ubuntu upgrades until the next LTS version.  Then, and only then if the next LTS proves to work as well as 12.04


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