Monday, March 4, 2013

Mac Pro Power

Today has been fun, my new Mac Pro arrived. I ordered the top of the line in everything. Whew! Was it pricey? I hooked it all up and I was in Awe of it's speed. Yes, I got the fastest thing they make, man Xeon processors are expensive.

Next, I wen't on the hunt for a new monitor. The old one worked fine, but it looked puny next to that big hunk of aluminum called the Pro. So off to the store(s) I went and got a new 25" HP. I wanted a 27" but honestly, the specs. on most of the 27" models just didn't measure up. When side by side, the only other monitor that had the color depth and really DARK blacks I was looking for, was a Dell and Best Buy didn't even have any in stock.

I lucked out on the HP, it was a clearance item and I got it for $125 less than marked. I've been installing software and adapting my peripherals all evening. I have to buy some scanner software for my old scanner to work, but everything else is doing fine.

This is going to be a week of fun learning for me.

P.S. Ubuntu Linux will be on there soon too. I just need to swap in a few drives from my old system.


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