Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pear Linux

Today I installed Pear OS8 (Pear Linux x64) default desktop version. After working through a few little nigglets, I really like this Ubuntu-Variant Distro. It took very minimal customization and it now looks and acts very much like my OS X Mavericks desktop.

I installed in a VMware virtual machine, and it's pretty well behaved. The only issue there is that a default install doesn't install vmware-tools. I had to install the tools manually to get my screen resolution to set correctly. Also, the Pear-Updater doesn't install the kernel updates by default (they show held back). I installed them using the terminal. Once two issues were sorted out, it runs quickly with 2 CPU cores and 4GB memory allocated.

I'll play with this for a while first, but I think it's about to become my default install for Ubuntu.

Sadly, Pear OS was purchased by an undisclosed source and it is no longer distributed or supported with software updates. I'm still using it but at some point I'll do away with it since it's vanished. Too bad, I really liked it's looks and quickness.


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