Sunday, February 10, 2008

Amazon MP3 Downloader / nVidia Driver Update

Today my laptop is sporting some new software and music. I contacted and requested a Ubuntu Linux version of their MP3 downloader software. A couple of days later a 32-bit deb was in my email. I did a force architecture install on my 64-bit Ubuntu powered laptop. I used getlibs and grabbed some missing 32-bit libraries and the program launched without a hitch. Next I purchased a few MP3's and let the new software do it's magic. I was presently surprised. It worked perfectly. No issues at all. I expect they will soon have a 64-bit deb file ready, but it doesn't really matter. Just grab the 32-bit and you're set.

A week has gone by since installing the newest nVidia graphics driver. I have to say it works very nicely, but I'd love to get rid of that login splash screen.

If anyone knows how to kill the splash screen (Logo Screen) on the new 169.09 nVidia driver, please let me know. The old xorg.conf entry isn't working on the new driver.

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