Sunday, February 3, 2008

nVidia 169.09 / Envy install

Today I reinstalled the 169.09 driver again using Envy. I first installed Envy and then disabled the Ubuntu restricted driver. Next (using the Envy software) I removed the current nVidia driver.

After doing all this, a reboot was required. Then I used Envy to install the new driver and rebooted the machine again. All seems good so far...

Then I tested to see that 3D was working by launching glxgears and some 3D games. All was still well. Then I tried to enable desktop effects, and it told me I must turn on the restricted driver again. I can't understand why the 3D GL games are working and the desktop effects don't unless enabling the restricted stuff. It would seem that the restricted driver was already being used, but Ubuntu doesn't recognize it as so unless you go the the restricted driver manager and "Tick" the enabled check box.

Well, I went ahead and enabled it and all seems to work okay. Man, I did find out that turning on the desktop effects, SERIOUSLY slows down the FPS reported by glxgears. What's up with that? Anyway, I don't use the desktop effects unless I'm showing off or something.

The other strange thing about this driver is that when I use nvidia-settings applet to set my refresh rate to 85Hz (where I usually keep it), the Ubuntu resolution applet reports 121Hz. nvidia-settings reports it correctly, the xorg.conf shows it set the 85Hz, but the darn Ubuntu applet still shows 121Hz. No one in the Ubuntu Forums wants to help out as usual for me lately.

I'm still waiting for some help with the Remote Desktop usage.

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