Friday, September 5, 2008 - Limit Daily Desktop Usage in Ubuntu

Here is the install script: - Download the script to your desktop, open up a terminal and paste the following into the terminal. cd Desktop (remember to use a capital 'D') sudo bash

This script will make sure you have the latest version. You still need to edit /etc/rc.local and add /usr/local/bin/ & to make the script run at boot. The GUI should be self explanatory, but here is a short how-to:
Select the user you wish to configure
  1. Check "Use limits" if you want to use timed limits
    a) Set the "Every day" limit or
    b) Check "Configure single days" and set different limits for every day of the week

  2. Check "Use boundaries" if you want to control when the user can log in
    a) Set the "Every day" boundaries or
    b) Check "configure single boundaries" and set different boundaries for every day of the week

  3. Click "Apply" if you want to configure another user, OK if you are finished or Cancel to just exit.

To Un-Restrict a user, select the username, uncheck both "Use limits" and "Use boundaries" and click Apply/OK

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great. You have made a big impact Bucknasty. I appriciate your efforts, and a really big thanks to .nedberg too.

Bucknasty said...

As you can see this program has really evolved. Please refer to the post located at the link below to get the current version.