Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nasty Windows XP

Today I had the displeasure of re-installing WindowsXP-Pro on my main system. This system has 4 HD's so I keep a copy around for a couple of programs I can't do without (DVDFab5 & Sony Vegas). It took me ALL DAY to get windows installed because of my SATA HD's.  Windows SP3 won't recognize my nVidia Nforce4 SATA controller. Somewhere in the process I messed up the drive and ended up downloading WD's DataLifeguard CD ISO. Using that I was able to prepare the drive and install Windows again. At one point, I thought I had killed the drive. To test it out, I formated ot ext3 and Ubuntu installed with no problems. Only crappy windows couldn't work. What's worse was I even tried Vista and it too was a no go. Well, thanks to the WD tools I got it all sorted out, but it ruined my Sunday.

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