Sunday, November 2, 2008

Intrepid 8.10 on my Laptop

Yesterday I installed Intrepid Ibex on my laptop. I'm not thrilled because of the ATI video driver being kind of slow, but it's okay otherwise so far. I guess I'll get used to it for 6 months or so until the Jackrabbit comes out. It's hard to give it a fair test with a cruddy video driver. It's not really Ubuntu's fault that ATI didn't provide full support fot 7.4 but the end result is a less than thrilling experience. At the end of the day, it's working well, it just FEELS less responisive. 3D games play fine however.  I wish OpenOffice 3.0 had been installed by default, I guess I'll have to make that happen myself. I read that it was listed in backports but that just isn't the case. I'll probably add the PPA for openoffice and install from there. I pop back in and let you know what I've decided to do.

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Bucknasty said...

I'm not really lovin Intrepid. It's great that I now have plug-n-play for mobile broadband usb devices (it works great too), but it broke Kompozer (wysiwyg html editor), and I can't load my driver for the ATI 9600 video card. The ATI thing makes it feel sluggish and slow.

If hardy had support built in for the mobile broadband, I'd dump Intrepid instantly.