Friday, July 9, 2010

New Chainsaw - Oops... Tree vs. Fence problem.

Okay, Joy (my wife) has been fussing at me lately because I'm not getting things done around the house (yard work & home repairs) since I've been unemployed.  So I go to Lowe's today and buy an inexpensive 16" chain saw and start chopping down trees in the backyard (they keep dropping leaves into the pool) as requested.  All WAS going well until I started chopping on this one tree next to our fence line (keep in mind I've never used a chainsaw or cut down a tree in my entire life).

Well, I read up on tree cutting and understood how to make the needed cuts and where.  The only problem is that this one particular tree didn't read the same instructions I did on where it was to fall.  Stupid Ass Tree!!!  It started falling backwards in the wrong direction (over my fence towards the neighbors property). 

Well I stopped my cutting and strapped the tree to an adjacent bigger tree.  It's holding so far...  If it makes it through out the night I'll call in a professional tomorrow to see if he/she/we can finish the job without damaging the fence or any property.  Hopefully if it does come down tonight it will only do some minor fence damage that I could perhaps fix tomorrow.

I'll follow-up this post tomorrow and let you know how it turned out.

-Good Night Irene

Okay, so I got the tree down today.  First I had to take down a section of my neighbour's privacy fence.  Then I had to take down my chain-link fence.  Finally I made the final cuts on the tree and brought it down.  I've been bucking the tree for hours in the 100° heat and had to go inside.  I have never sweat so much in my life.

The neighbour's fence has been re-assembled but my chain-link is still down.  I'll have to get a fence stretcher to put it back in order.  I'm in no hurry for that, it can wait a while.

Well that's it.  Tree is down and no damage. Nothing else to say for now.

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Thelma Bowman said...

Aww, that sounded a little frustrating. So how’s your neighbor’s fence now? I hope you have it repaired by now. You could have even used that tree as the replacement. Haha!