Sunday, January 27, 2008

Remote Desktop Connection? How?

Today I've been trying to figure out how to set up a remote desktop connection. So far I've tried entering "rdesktop" and had no luck at all. I was told that I need to open up my Firestarter (firewall UI) and open up port 3389 on the host. So I did that (sort of), I don't know if that policy is for the outbound, or inbound traffic. I assumed inbound and it did nothing.

Next, I just turned off the firewall on the remote system all together to see if that would do the trick... Nothing...

Next, I noticed that on the Remote Desktop connection GUI from the system menu, there was a vpn command and it told me to use that. I entered that into a terminal screen and once again nothing happened.

Now I've turned to the Ubuntu Forums for help again. This time I requested an exact step by step procedure but so far no help.

I sure wish someone would notice my blog, and offer some help. I'll post back with the solution once I figure out what that is...

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