Sunday, April 27, 2008

Amazon MP3 Downloader for Hardy

I just downloaded and installed the Amazon MP3 Downloader for Gutsy. There is no Hardy version so far. The good news is that it installed without any problems on Hardy 32-bit. I purchased a song just to make sure it works correctly and it does.

Also, I'm using Scribefire to write this entry on my Gutsy powered laptop. I ordered a new power supply / battery charger for the laptop from eBay for $16. I've been running this laptop with 1% charge on my battery for a long time. I purchased a new battery because it seemed the old battery wouldn't hold a charge. No Dice! Now I had 2 batteries with the same problem. Finally I decided it must be the charger (fingers crossed motherboard wasn't bad) and bought one. It charged my battery to 100% so fast it made my head spin. The laptop is working so slick now that I'm hesitant to start a new OS install of Hardy. I can wait....

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