Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pioneer DVR-112L Died

Monday I downloaded the new Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Beta. I tried to burn the ISO and it failed at 80% with a drive communication error. I figured it was a bad download so I deleted it and downloaded a new copy. The burn failed twice more, then I tried on my other burner and bang! it worked. I did some testing and found that it won't burn CD's any longer but does just fine with DVD's. This isn't acceptable... So I orderd a new Pioneer DVR-115D from for $23 bucks (or should I say bucknastys).

Today the new burner arrived. I installed the drive and updated the firmware, and ran a few tests before going to work. It seems to be working fine so far. I'll have to rip & burn a few movies before I give it the 2 thumbs up.

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