Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hardy Updates

Well, I'm really liking Hardy Heron aside from some already mentioned bugs. I learned today that unlike previous versions of Ubuntu it really is best to leave the "Proposed Updates" tab unselected in the software sources repositories. The proposed updates that I installed today broke my gnome panel and it wouldn't boot properly either. Luckily I always keep a recent disk image of my latest working system. It only took me about 10 minutes to revert back to a clean working system. Then I removed the proposed updates from my repository list. I had such great luck with the proposed updates under Gutsy Gibbon that I'm a little disappointed.

I also filed a bug report today on "Glipper" clipboard manager/buffer. I kept crashing on reboot and I would have to delete it from the panel and reinstall the applet to make it work again. After reverting to an earlier install of Hardy without the proposed updates however, I'm not having any more problems from it. I'm not sure if Glipper is a problem or if it was the updates that caused the problem. I have had troubles with Glipper before so I think the bug report is in order.

ScribeFire is once again installed on my main system. I'm using it right now to make this blog entry. Since it seems to check and hook into the blog every time the browser is launched I'll disable the extension when not in use. Having it active all the time slows down page loading even when it's not in use.

I'm been experimenting with changing my usplash themes using startup manager. It's really interesting but having problems with Hardy. My Gutsy install on the laptop is looking really good. On Hardy I had to revert to the default to get things working properly.

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