Thursday, May 22, 2008

Runnin Good... Hardy Loves eMachines Lappy

Well the install was pretty uneventful. Setting up wireless was different. I no longer needed the windows driver or ndiswrapper. The ristricted driver saw my hardware and with a reboot I had wireless. My only complaint is that it's a 1 MB/S connection. Now, that doesn't really seem to make any practical difference as it downloads and streams video/music just as fast as always. I would however like it to show a faster connection.

All my usual apps. installed without a hitch and I moved my data from the old home folder to the new one. The machine seems to be a little faster but nothing to blow your socks off. However Firefox 3 is much faster and nicer to use.

Under Gutsy, I always had an annoying issued with sound playback. It would skip at about a 3-5 second interval and continue until playback was stopped. This would happen on nearly every media player except that I had NO PROBLEMS with exaile music player and MPlayer Movie Player. Any thing else and it was an issue...

With Hardy 8.04 installed, I have no more sound issues on this machine.

It seems that something was improved with ALSA or perhaps that now it's running PULSE AUDIO that was the fix. I don't know, but I'm loving it so far...

MUFFY UPDATE: Muffy delivered 7 healthy kittens 3 days ago.... Anyone want a Kitten?

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